If Trump can use the separation of children as a lever to get good immigration, so be it! If Trump can get free trade by leveraging threats of tariffs against virtually every country, so be it.

Negotiation is tricky business. Always. It doesn’t always work to threaten, and if threatening doesn’t work you are often left with nowhere to go.

Backing down from a threat is something Trump would not do lightly in the presidential office. It’s too public. Trump would never take a public defeat.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with the compromises of some sort, and Trump wants to compromise on his term

I personally think Greg Gutfeld has the right solution: Line up buses at the border, fill them up and take them back. That would deny true Refugees a right to seek Asylum, but every Swinging Richard in Central and South America knows the proper words to seek Refugee Status whether they deserve it or not. There is no way to investigate the claims of 50,000 requests a month.

We have 20 million refugees already. Enough is enough!

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