Dark Brown Smelly Stuff

Let’s all admit it, Trump stepped in it biggly, with his Zero Tolerance, which involved child separation.

At some point he discovered that it was a PR nightmare. It was. It is. It will be, for months!

Every “optics” was bad. It mobilized the Mothers Of America United into a primal scream, and that is never good. Trump can’t win that. Nobody can, but Trump least of all. He has little margin of error with women!

Trump seemed on track to get his wall, and more before he was caught on his back foot, but the Republicans, never organized, are now so higgly-piggly that they hardly exist at all. They are unlikely to have more House members after the election than today, and if they can’t get a bill organized today, then any immigration bill is sunk.

And Trump is to blame. I said before it was a highly chancy bet, one that carried huge risk, and if it worked it would be wonderful, but it didn’t. He risked a lot, and lost. The bad news is that he lost a lot that he can’t recover.

It was an all-or-nothing bet that turned out to be dark brown smelly stuff.

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