How Many Illiterates is Enough?

I have a question?

Do we need to import more illiterates?

Do we not have enough?

As you should know, I was the Mexican Connection for 22 years. Many lived in my home before the Reagan Amnesty, and even today in the bedroom next to mine are two Guatemalan Green Card holders. (He was my gardener for 15 years, and he maintains my property. After two years, he and his wife must move because she is pregnant. We are 85 years old and need quiet.)

My General Factorum, as I call him, is illiterate. His wife is illiterate. Of the hundred or so who lived on my property when I was the Mexican Connection, 100% were illiterate. The amazing thing is that local schools offer night classes in Spanish to English, but none of those whom I knew ever went to those classes.

Most have no better than a third grade education, and that is a third grade Mexican or Guatemalan etc. education. My General Factorum couple only watch Spanish TV in their room, but one night they stopped by my Family Room while a Space X rocket was going off, and I mentioned our Moon walk — he could not believe that men have walked on the Moon. News to him!

Last night I was watching a 60 Minutes segment on an Island off Scotland. He asked where it was and I said Scotland. He said “In United States.” I said, “No, in Europe.” He asked, “What is that?”

For many years I have urged him to go to class, prepare for citizenship, and become a citizen. His wife finally got her Green Card, and joined him, and became pregnant. She now goes to a free clinic, gets WIC, and her child will be a US citizen. My couple will claim family status, remain in the US, get free education for the child but remain illiterate themselves.

My General Factorum is a pretty successful gardener…he has two trucks (one a brand new 2018 truck), and, good for him, he pays taxes. I know because he had to amend his 2016 tax submission because he had claimed too little to get his wife a Green Card.

He is reliable, totally trustworthy, and as illiterate as a nine year old. His wife is even more illiterate. Every illegal I knew, and I arranged work for hundreds back in the day, was illiterate.

Don’t we have enough native illiterates? Do we need to import them?

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