Escrache? Really?

Wow! Not many words can get me to reach for the dictionary, but “Escrache” certainly did when I read it in a POLITICO article by Marc Caputo and Daniel Lippmann.

Not since the death of William F. Buckley Jr. has a word so enticed me, so I opted for the Wikipedia with such alacrity.

The term was used to describe the Yahoo wing of the Progressive Left’s penchant for mobbing restaurants and private homes of Trump administration executives and supporters, and indeed the word was taken from late 1800s political mobbing in Argentina. It is a perfectly good word, although the practice in a democracy seems inane at best because what it appears is simply a refusal to accept the results of an election.

Their candidate lost. Mine did also, but I accept that Trump is president and the demonstrators are sore losers. The precedent the Yahoos set can easily be duplicated when their candidate does win, and to be honest I will quickly tire of either side acting boorish in public places.

So, what is to be done? First we should see if the Democratic Party leadership can calm their Yahoos. If they don’t, then to keep equally rabid counter-demontstrators from the Right, and possible violence, I suggest the Secret Service or FBI step in. You would be surprised how civil one can become when confronted by an unsmiling, trim six-footer with an earpiece, a lapel microphone, and a bulge going down the right side of his suit jacket. They can be really playful off duty in foreign cities, I am told, but they appear to be all business when on “Detail.”

Since Schumer and Pelosi would like to enjoy peace and quiet in their lives, they have an incentive to calm the “troubled waters,” and Maxine “Troubled” Waters, also.

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