SCOTUS barely confirmed the Constitutional power of the president, despite the Left trying to throw equality, religion, intent and other quite immaterial roadblocks into the argument.

Perhaps intent was the Lefts’ primary argument, based on Trump’s anti-Muslim comments. My reading of the Constitution gives the president control of national security and it doesn’t say “unless he is bigoted.” I am old enough to remember the old radio show called The Shadow, and its intro “No one knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man.”

The temporary ban has been in effect since December, but this makes it the Law.

One can bet that the Justices had a row on this and probably on the question still to be announced about the requirement that governments collect union dues. A series of 5-4 votes will do that to a Court. If Justice Kennedy, 81 and on the Court for 30 years as a swing vote, decides to retire, the Court will move solidly to the right. Justice Kennedy has indicated a desire to retire.

What the Left will do to if they have no chance of winning at SCOTUS, and what the Right will push when they can push legal remedies will be an important thing to watch.

Meanwhile, the series of Republican judicial wins can do nothing but enrage the Left in their efforts to mob and intimidate Administration officials, and I applaud the president for assigning Sarah Sanders a Secret Service detail. It is obvious that President Trump will not tolerate much more against the administration members, and his comment in assigning the Secret Service, “Not on my watch.”

As a Columnist, I had my home firebombed three times by a guy who disagreed with me. What he didn’t know as he drove by taunted me, is that I carried an S&W Chief, and, as a retired licensed SCCA racing driver, I drove one of the fastest cars in the County. I didn’t need police or Secret Service, but I would have preferred that, although the brief confrontation was decidedly one-sided.

If the Left is seeking nationwide physical confrontations, they too will find the confrontation decidedly one-sided. I urge EVERYONE to be civil. I have seen too much threatening going on in blogs.


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