The SCOTUS “Big Day”

The Janus union dues decision was no real shock to government unions because there was a similar case in 2016 that tied in the Supreme Court 4-4 after the death of Justice Scalia, so government unions have been mentally preparing for the 5-4 decision. Justice Gorsuch guaranteed that loss of union power. The two huge teacher unions expect to lose 10% of their members, and 10% of their income.

That leaves the retirement of Justice Kennedy as the real news out of SCOTUS, and I am of two minds about Justice Kennedy, because he was indeed the swing vote. He was a conservative, but he was not a CONSERVATIVE!

The CNN Legal Analyst declared Roe v Wade dead. It should be dead, although I favor a woman’s right to an abortion before a Cognitive Brain Wave. The problem with Roe V Wade is that “abortion” is not in the Constitution. Neither is the Right to Privacy on which SCOTUS based Roe v Wade. it should have fallen under the 10th Amendment.

A real conservative SCOTUS will actually USE the 10th Amendment, a Part of the Constitution that has been invisible for decades, as the federal government has devoured more and more opportunities to give federal government more power.

Of course a highly conservative Court could feed a highly conservative federal power, as well….let’s hope they “reserve to the states.”

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