A Nose Not Quite So High

While we are justifiably concerned with our influx of illegal aliens on our Southern borders, and it is very much a problem since we have 11 million to 20 million refugees. Europe has long looked down their noses at the way we have treated the illegal aliens.

That is until just a few years ago…three to be exact. Three years ago a mere one million Syrian and North Africans stormed Europe. Angela Merkel of Germany, the pocket book of Europe, has been so proud of the “Open Borders” of Europe, but the illegal aliens have unraveled the European Union. Starting with Britain’s BREXIT which was fueled by uncontrolled immigration, then Poland, and now political backlash from the electorate of Austria and Italy. Anti immigrant elections have roiled Austria and Italy, and now Merkel has to trim her sails with a compromise proposal on illegal immigrants, or lose a major partner in her own German coalition.

The Austrian Leader remains skeptical of the Merkel plan, and could scuttle it this week.

The complete plan for the future has not been announced, but the detested term “Detention Camps” is a part. It is a term roundly denounced by Europe when it is used by the US, and now roundly denounced by Amnesty International for even considering them in Europe.

Europe is getting a dose of its own medicine, for raising its nose at the inferior Americans and their border fight. Europe’s superiority attitude needed a dose of reality, and they are getting it in spades.

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