Russia is a Bully

A second couple in Britain has been felled by the Russian developed nerve agent, Novichok. No one has been known to posses the agent except Russia, and the last use of the agent was against a Russian double-agent and his daughter. Although that agent, and his daughter survived, barely, they must now live under British protection. Sergei Skripal and his daughter were no doubt targeted by Russia, and Britain and its allies sent more than 100 Russian “Diplomats” home to Russia.

This latest couple has no known connection to Russia, but the nerve agent attack was just eight miles from the last one. Just 1/10 of a drop of Novichok is considered deadly, and it can be found only by rubbing special paper over an infective surface. This latest couple visited a church, and a park among other unknown places in their hometown. British police are all over the town, hoping to keep others from contamination.

Was this an accidental poisoning, the result of a spill of agent from the attempt on the Double Agent couple, the Skripals, or does this portend general use of the agent by Russia as retribution for Britain’s reaction to the Skripals?

Either is perfectly possible, the Russian government being what it is. And what it is, is a bully.

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