Enviable Record!

It’s sort of funny, but a group the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a “hate group” just won its 10th consecutive case before the US Supreme Court!

The group is the Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona Christian organization, and their cases have been presented at Court by Kristen Waggoner. She must be some kind of lawyer!

She previously won the Hobby Lobby case, a case you may recall, and now she recently won the case of the Masterpiece Bakery, where she argued that it is a First Amendment Right that a Baker should not be required to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Because the case was remanded to the Washington State Court for reconsideration, sort of an order to “Get it right, this time!”, the door is open for the Alliance Defending Freedom to bring a florist case to get a wider decision.

The Washington Post article from which I glean these facts, says the Alliance has 63 lawyers, suing on First Amendment Rights on college campuses as well as cases of artists making floral arrangements.

They are certainly making a huge impact!

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