It’s Lucy/Football Time Again!

President Trump stepped on his crank on the Border, turning a mess into a disaster. He has two other balls in the air, tariffs and North Korean Nukes, and he may end up dropping all three balls.

Negotiating with Asians is a chancy business. They have been merchants for 6,000 years and they don’t bluff easily, particularly when it is a national issue. The Asians don’t worry much about public opinion, so they are not under public pressure. CBS News says the disparity between the US economy and the Chinese says that Trump may win, and indeed we may be able to get a better deal than we had, but is a compromise, a win?

I would not give a plugged nickel for Trump to win both China Trade War and North Korean Nukes. Win one out of two is a long shot. He played big on our Border and lost. Playing big on China and North Korea is a lot harder than negotiating with building suppliers, and they have read his book.

A compromise with North Korea is not a win. Trump said the NK would not get an ICBM, but they have one, or many. They also have 30-50 nuclear weapons, and that’s a bunch since the US official position for 25 years is they would not get one. NK is already playing for time, using the Lucy football ploy they have been so successful with. I think we have the wrong man negotiating.

We should have Mattis!

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