Russia Deserves a Serious Reaction

The Washington Post accepts BuzzFeed’s analysis of Russian attacks on former Russian citizens living in England, and that analysis says there have been 11 attacks, many resulting in death.

It is little wonder that the Brits reacted so strongly with the Skripal attack recently, and ordered scores of Russian diplomats suspected for spying out of the country. Now comes another couple poisoned, and another death.

While this poisoning appears accidental, the probable result of the disposal of the nerve agent used in the Skripal poisoning of a former Russian agent and his daughter, only the near collapse of the British government and the existence of a World Cup game Wednesday between England and Russia keeps diplomatic relations together. I would not be surprised that Britain breaks diplomatic relations with Russia on Thursday.

What this does to the Trump/Putin meeting is anyone’s guess, but Trump appears to accept Putin in the best light. I think Trump wishes he could have as much power as any authoritarian government has, and Putin has almost full power. Any leader who can order 11 attempted murders, some actual murders on British soil, obviously has unlimited powers at home, and cares not a whit about British reaction.

Admittedly, many Western nations reacted to the Skripal attack and joined Britain in sending diplomats home, but the affair does not appear to have impacted the bromance between Trump and Putin.

Russia may get a pass because the most recent death appears accidental, but the woman is still dead because of Russian actions, and I would hope for at least a postponement, if not cancellation of the “Summit” meeting. The British government appears to be paralyzed with internal strife as evidenced by the resignation of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and whether they can pull themselves together sufficiently to reply forcibly to Russia is in question.

Eleven attacks on a nation’s soil would appear sufficient for a serious reaction

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