Today we see the good and bad of Trump as president.

The SCOTUS pick seems pure gold, although Democrats will reflexively oppose whomever. This has become a political process since 1993 when the Senate voted 96-3 to affirm Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, easily the most liberal member of the Court. The Senate obviously did not question her leanings, but simply asked if she was qualified. She was.

Now, the bad…Trump continues his bromance with Vlad Putin, who continues to occupy Crimea, fight in the Ukraine, support the murderous Syrian regime, try to influence American elections and attack 11 British residents with nerve gas. Sorry, but Russia is an enemy, not a “competitor.” Even the most virulent Trump supporter must be scratching their heads over the Trump/Putin situation. All the Love seems one-sided.

Now the president is off to Europe. I just hope he is as smooth as he was with Kim Jon Un. He seems to like our enemies more than our friends.