Where Was Obama?

The first thing that strikes me about the indictment the GRU Officers is that there was an awful lot of Russian interference with our election process during the Obama administration, and apparently the Obama administration did nothing about it.

I hope the Mueller investigation can discover why it was that the Obama administration either failed to protect our electoral process, or our intelligence services were asleep at the switch.

The announcement of the indictment of 12 RUSSIAN GRU officers by name should, at trial in absentia let us know when the identification took place, but it is likely that no trial will take place for fear of alerting the Russians as to “methods.”

Still, it all happened on Obama’s watch. Now it is highly likely that Obama knew of the Russian interference, but figured that Hillary had it in the bag, so why bother…still Mueller May tell us in his final report.

Everything being investigated happened of Obama’s watch!