Trump’s Delusions Are Dangerous

Putin says that Russia didn’t interfere in US elections.

Well, I guess that settles that!

What Putin doesn’t know is how much we know. The fact that the Mueller team can name a dozen GRU operatives with sufficient knowledge that the attorneys on the team believe they could get a conviction, says there is a lot of signal intelligence available.

Trump appears to downplay the Russian interference, probably because he thinks that the US public will think his election is tainted…well it is, but there is no evidence yet that Trump, or any of his team colluded with the Russians.

There is ample evidence, however that Trump has a soft spot in his heart for Russia. Perhaps he feels some appreciation for the help. Perhaps he doesn’t understand history, or even current events.

You can put whatever spin you want on it, the results are the same. Trump believes that he personally can influence events in totalitarian nations, simply by showing up and shaking hands.

All politicians believe they have the answer, but the world is five dimensional chess, Trump doesn’t even believe his own intelligence experts, which places our nation at a strategic disadvantage. In the current situation, we are not in danger but if Kelly and Mattis leave the administration, we will know Trump’s delusions have placed us in danger.

One Response

  1. Very well stated, Allen. My sentiments exactly. I saw Kelly roll his eyes and shake his head at one of those meetings. What is transfolding scares me.

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