Kelly Was “Furious” It Is Reported

Well, perhaps the White House believes their non-apology apology settles the issue, but the wording agreed upon by the Senior staff and grudgingly read, haltingly, by the president is damage too complete for words.

Now perhaps we can get over that in some time, but if there are more incidents this large, the Senate could censure Trump. The Senate had to give Trump a challenge to put the sanctions voted overwhelmingly against Russia or the Senate would vote to overturn the presidential delay…in effect a pocket veto. The president grudgingly signed the Sanctions. He knew the House and Senate had the votes. Trump claims credit, but his hand was forced.

That should have told us that there was some special interest in Russia, not as a Communist but as a person who simply does not recognize the danger, “Day to Day”, of Russia. As Congressman O’Rourk remarked on PBS, the Russians can’t challenge the US militarily, or economically and must use other means.

Their asymmetrical warfare includes interfering with the elections of Western nations, particularly the US. I wrote and published a column before the 2016 election warning that the purpose of Russian electoral interference was to sew chaos…and their support for Trump was that his presidency would be chaotic.

Trump, and his supporters would say “disruptive,” and they would be right…but it is also chaotic. You can argue that the president is justifiably pushing NATO to pony up, I have argued it for years, but there are ways to do it forcibly without making lifetime enemies. The nation will need to live with NATO long after Trump has passed this veil!

Democrats are naturally all over this but everyone should at least find it difficult to support the president.

They don’t. For reasons Best understood by them, TrumpBots see Emperor’s clothes where there no none.

My support for Trump, such as it is, is based on Chief of Staff John Kelly, who, three sources reported to Vanity Fair, was FURIOUS about the Finnish news conference. The Hill reported that Kelly would not stand in the way if Senators wanted to rebuke Trump. Without Kelly and Mattis, my support, always tenuous would be, gone!

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