Love For Tucker Slows

I love Tucker Carlson, but I love him less each day.

Right now he is railing against NATO, based on his question about Montenegro. He asks what is the moral argument for protecting that tiny nation.

The president asks the same…

I am old enough to have been alive when SecState Dean Acheson decided that South Korea was outside the defensive zone of the United States, an d that gave the NK the signal that the South was fair game.

50,000 American lives later, the South was safe again, and that is why NATO was formed, because we learned our lesson — small nation states next to avaricious, stronger states can either be known to be defended, or we must expend blood and treasure to root out an entrenched enemy.

We learned that in Europe in WWII also. Had we told Hitler that we would defend Europe, he might have decided differently than he did.

But Russia wants to expand. Again. And they don’t care what The invaded countries think about it. They have already invaded and destroyed the single most capitalist nation on their border — Georgia. Then the invaded the Ukraine and stripped off a section that gives them a deep water port, called Crimea. Neither Georgia nor Crimea (Ukraine) were members of NATO, so easy pickings


Absent NATO, Montenegro would be a weekend exercise for the Russian Army,

Are we going to base our protective umbrella on geographic size, or population?

I’ll admit I am confused with Trump’s thinking. And Tucker’s.

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