Trump Thinks He Needs No Staff

So the president wants a do-over in the Fall.

Well, he could hardly do worse than his recent performance, but the question is: To what end?

Other than to get more publicity, which both Trump and Putin thrive on, there seems little point. If the two have already agreed upon anything, and they obviously have, is there something new to be discussed? In three months?

This past meeting was not staffed. Usually, the pre-meeting lasts months, and most meetings are pro forma with agreements already done. Only Putin, Trump and the translators know what, if anything came out of this meeting. The demand to interrogate the translators is unlikely to bear fruit because presidents can always just use secure phones if they wish.

Trump wants to be a one-man gang. He thinks his personality, and his mind are so superior that he doesn’t need his staff, or to listen to his advisors.

He is wrong!

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