“An innocent abroad”

The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal has analyzed the 400+ page document setting forth the proof used by the FBI to get a FISA Judge to authorize the wire tapping of an American citizen, Carter Page.

Their conclusion is that the FBI used a political document, the so-called Steele document, paid for by the Clinton political machine. Where the document refers to intelligence reports, it is that document, and where the intelligence agents, it refers to the author of that “dossier.”

The Editorial Board of the WSJ is a sober group, with good investigational resources. They should be applauded for taking a stand, and their position is a substantial influence.

Probably the best evidence that the FBI stumbled on this is that Carter Page walks the streets, UN-arrested and un-indicted. Apparently, there was no evidence unveiled that he was a Russian spy, just that he was as described, as described by the Editorial Board as “an innocent abroad.”

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