The Choo Choo Lobby of railroad enthusiasts is driving California mostly to distraction.

The “Bullet Train” backed mostly by Gov. Jerry Brown, was predicted initially to cost $33 billion, is now estimated to cost $77 billion.

Both the LA Times and The NY Times have had articles in the last few days, and both articles stress the unpopularity of the Choo Choo Train, the slowest Bullet Train in the world when finished.

The California “Bullet Train” must be designed to travel between LA and San Francisco in 2 hours and 40 minutes to meet the standards of the Initiative that passed, and computer calculations say it does with 2 or 3 minutes to spare. As we who have designed computer projections know, few actual results match the projections. (Projections are particularly rosy when billions of dollars are at stake.)

The design calls for bursts of 220MPH and an average speed of 145MPH, neither of which appears possible, although the computer projections say the train can do that. If any more problems arise, and the variable in the computer projection changes, with only 2 minutes to spare currently, the projection may fall into the negative.

The concept initially viewed a partnership between state, federal and investor dollars. Federal dollars are unlikely from a Republican Congress and investor dollars are missing, so the state must go it alone.


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