A Free Press Warns You When the Elephant Stirs

Newspapers are not venal,, they simply are liberal. It is an institutional evil caused by those of liberal instincts being drawn to certain professions, and it is a natural proclivity to want to work where you are comfortable among friends who share your values.

Yes, there is a military/police mindset, and the stereotype that homosexuals are drawn to hairdressing is true. Some liberals are those who want to change the world, and they are drawn to professions where they think they can do that through influence.

So media is liberal, and they believe, collectively, that their role is to be a check and balance to power, specifically, government.they are right, of course, they should be a counterforce to governmental power. Eexcept they failed to do their role in the Obama Administration and.remembered that it was their role in the Trump administration.

A liberal media has shown itself to be subtle when a Black, liberal president wields power, but strident when a brash New Yorker is president and reminds them that their role is to expose power. The difference is obvious to a thin skinned man who is unaccustomed to being reviewed for every breath he takes, but that is the role of media, even if it is wielded selectively when “One of their own” is in power.

Of course, Trump gets his share of blame because he pokes the lion, and then seems surprised when the lion reacts. The role of the media is to reveal the excesses of power and those excesses are many in every administration.

Governmental power should be revealed, because it grinds on citizens even when the citizen’s best interest is invoked. Government is an elephant. It can hurt you even when it wants to be friendly.

A free press is designed to warn you even when the elephant stirs.



Brennan deserves his Top Secret clearance only because he is a member of The Nomenclature, the elite who rule. It is a sign of “I know things you don’t.”

Now I understand letting him keep the T-S for six months in case the new administrator wants some information but these ex-officio people, scads of them, keep their security. There is staff to provide information for continuity.

No this is simple “Tradition” and it is a useless part of that. It says, I am a member of the Washington Elite, and you are not.

As attacks like 9/11 ably demonstrate, “Intelligence Services” is a misnomer. Yes, they have successes about which they can’t speak, but they miss some whoppers. I would be willing to bet that those retired Intelligence heads never assisted in a damn thing. Their retaining of a bade is simply an “Honor” and one they don’t deserve, particularly those who monetize it by being on TV.

On Being Evil

Interesting…GOOGLE pulled out of an agreement to help the US Government by providing assistance in precision targeting. (Which would reduce civilian casualties,) but has agreed to help the Chinese government in censorship (Dragonfly Project).

Apparently the GOOGLE motto, “Don’t be evil,” is selective!

Who Knows? The Shadow Knows!

Today, news stories are revealing hacks by a Chinese university, called “China’s MIT” into Alaskan trade and government computers. Several different state government offices including the Governor, and a telecom provider were hacked.

Of course the trade and corporate entities will not admit that any success was apparent, but it is not just trying to minimize the impact, they honestly don’t know. Chinese hackers at the sophistication of a major Chinese university have likely covered their tracks, put “bombs” into the hacked computers to permit easy future access, and left no trace short of NSA.

Since the hacks were from “a university,” and not a Chinese government entity, how do we retaliate? Is it actually the Chinese government using “deniably?.” The hacks were done to the Alaskan State Government and the Alaskan Natural Resources, and again raises the question of “Should NSA help states, and private firms.”

North Korea released many Sony embarrassing e-mails and films to try to get a film depicting the Leader trashed, Iran scrambled the accounts of B of A and J. P. Morgan and B. of A. and then melted the accounting in the Sands Casino to teach Sheldon Adelson a lesson for his support of Israel….but those were in the ultra cautious Obama administration.

No one knows the current Trump policy. Trump does not have a good relationship with the intelligence agencies, and has not publicly shown an interest in cyber warfare, so what he knows, and what his policy may be is unknown. We may soon find out…or not.

He may not even understand the subject.

Religion in the News

An article in the Journal of Forensic Science again uses a new science, Blood Pattern Analysis to cast new doubt on the Shroud of Turin.

The new analysis joins an analysis of the cloth, which places the Shroud in the Middle Ages. It is apparently a well-designed forgery.

As hoaxes go, this one ranks at the very top and has legs because Religion is built upon faith.


On the subject of religion, a grand jury in Pennsylvania has released a massive report on Priest abuse of juveniles, and naming 300 priests just in that part of Pennsylvania.

And the beat goes on…

The Cyber War

Technology moves so fast that I am feeling old!

Once a computer programmer, Systems Analyst, the Project Manager of a super Secret computer system and a professor of Computer Science at a local university, today I could not write a line of code in the new cyber war in the ether.

And make no mistake it is war, and war that daily threatens to go kinetic. Nation states daily probe potential enemies most vulnerable secrets, plant “bombs” in vital military and infrastructure awaiting future detonation, and silently view other ultra secret Communications.

There are no rules, and Nation states do not know exactly when a potential enemy will consider some action to be s blatant as to cause a state of war. North Korea took down Sony as a warning shot, the US and Israel set back Iran’s nuclear march by a year or so, Russia was caught deep inside the Pentagon and messing with our election, China stole the secrets for our most advanced fighter aircraft, and the US shut down North Korea’s electricity grid for a day and Russia shut down the Ukraine’s power grid for many days…but each of these has been below the threshold of kinetic war.

But what is that threshold? What would be the limit, and is that limit for each country item specific or cumulative? Could a nation say, “Enough is enough”

Obviously the question is nation specific and asymmetrical…big nations, particularly nuclear nations can get away with more than weaker nations. There is a new book out which I am anxious to read, “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age” about this subject. I have followed the subject closely since the US and Israel launched STUXNET on Iran, but there are subtleties about which I wish to learn. The Author, David Sanger, is The NY Times writer on the subject, and understands it deeply. I am just three chapters into his book, and I am really impressed!

“Congress Shall Make No Law…”

A positive outcome of the banning of groups and personalities from Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the debate over the First Amendment.

The First Amendment does not cover privately owned entities, but the general public does not know that and Facebook bloggers certainly don’t understand that. The on-line posters cry “First Amendment” when their favorite is banned.

So the on-line education is beneficial, but I am not certain the posters really understand the the sentence begins “Congress shall make no law…” and while subsequent SCOTUS decisions have extended this to all governmental agencies like schools, it still does not cover privately owned firms like the NFL or Facebook.

Admittedly, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are somewhat still in somewhat of a special as yet undefined category. They wish, for some cases to be considered “Publishers” like a newspaper, with all the First Amendment benefits of a news outlet like a newspaper, but they want the extra protection of relative immunity from laws of libel attendant to an unedited soap box orator whose words disappear into the ether.

At any rate, it is a learning experience for many who consider Facebook, Twitter, Apple and others as their own.

It isn’t.

And they have always have believed it was covered by the vaunted First Amendment.

It isn’t.