Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alert!

Four hours ago, Forbes confirmed that Maduro of Venezuela admittedly that his economic policies are a failure.

Venezuela, once the richest nation in Central/South America now has virtually no transit system in Caracas and people ride on trucks. More than two million of the population has fled, with the rich fleeing to the US, and the poor to Brazil.

The question is, with what will Maduro replace his failed system?


Ghost Guns

I hate to tell government, but Ghost Gun designs have been out on the Dark Web for months.

Why anyone would want one is dubious, but the designs stand as a bulwark against gun seizure since a black market in printed guns would then flood the market. With 300 million guns, seizure itself is currently impossible.

Right now, printing guns in the basement is really difficult, and composites are improving slowly. Commercial printers are seriously better than basement printers and advancements are coming swiftly, but it will be a few years before ghost guns are truly useful.

Of course government will try to squelch the design, but inventors are light years faster than government. Right now government’s best argument is that freedom of speech does not entail giving the speaker the vehicle to express those views, but government does not own t(e Internet.

Since the attempt to ban the crossbow in 1096, banning weapons has a checkered past, a useless present, and a laughable future.