Tommy is Free! Too late!

Tommy Robinson is free, and was on Tucker’s show last Thursday night.

He was jailed for 18 months in Britain, but freed by a judge in less than three. He was a political prisoner, pure and simple. Tommy’s real crime was in exposing the Muslim rape gangs in Britain, and a Judge had warned Tommy against continuing his exposes of on-going trials. Tommy filmed a report on the trial steps, and was arrested for Contempt of Court.

The real crime was not bowing to diversity. Muslims have raped HUNDREDS of young British girls, and the British government is breaking up the rings and prosecuting the rapists. The government simply believes that any coverage of those trials should by quiet until verdicts.

Now British laws are different from ours, and more restrictive of journalists. Our laws allow a bit of a free-fo-all. The Brits are more authoritarian…the country that brought us the Magna Carta has fallen behind us in speech.

Tommy Robinson was taken to the most Muslim prison, so the That Tommy could be put in solitary confinement for good reason.

So Tommy was protected by the British press, right?


Britain is lost! A judge has finally released Tommy. Too late!

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