Right to Work Uf For Vote in Missouri

Next Tuesday Missouri votes on making Missouri another “Right to Work” state.

Already a majority of states have such laws, driven by Republican state houses, recent SCOTUS rulings, and general motivation for freedom of choice, but unions still have some political clout left. Unions have always had superior organizational skills, and the ability to bring in support forces and money from other states to try to stem the string of union loses.

In 1970 almost 25% of the workforce was unionized, but today that number is nearer 10%, and the recent SCOTUS ruling that governments do not need to collect union dues will quickly diminish the union coffers over time.

Unions will still have plenty of money next Tuesday for the Missouri vote, but the combined force of the business interests, the elected Republican government are also formidable. Needles to say, the Democratic Party and Republican Party are also aligned to help their predictable interests.

Polls show the subject in a tie among voters.

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