“Congress Shall Make No Law…”

A positive outcome of the banning of groups and personalities from Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the debate over the First Amendment.

The First Amendment does not cover privately owned entities, but the general public does not know that and Facebook bloggers certainly don’t understand that. The on-line posters cry “First Amendment” when their favorite is banned.

So the on-line education is beneficial, but I am not certain the posters really understand the the sentence begins “Congress shall make no law…” and while subsequent SCOTUS decisions have extended this to all governmental agencies like schools, it still does not cover privately owned firms like the NFL or Facebook.

Admittedly, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are somewhat still in somewhat of a special as yet undefined category. They wish, for some cases to be considered “Publishers” like a newspaper, with all the First Amendment benefits of a news outlet like a newspaper, but they want the extra protection of relative immunity from laws of libel attendant to an unedited soap box orator whose words disappear into the ether.

At any rate, it is a learning experience for many who consider Facebook, Twitter, Apple and others as their own.

It isn’t.

And they have always have believed it was covered by the vaunted First Amendment.

It isn’t.

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