On Being Evil

Interesting…GOOGLE pulled out of an agreement to help the US Government by providing assistance in precision targeting. (Which would reduce civilian casualties,) but has agreed to help the Chinese government in censorship (Dragonfly Project).

Apparently the GOOGLE motto, “Don’t be evil,” is selective!


Who Knows? The Shadow Knows!

Today, news stories are revealing hacks by a Chinese university, called “China’s MIT” into Alaskan trade and government computers. Several different state government offices including the Governor, and a telecom provider were hacked.

Of course the trade and corporate entities will not admit that any success was apparent, but it is not just trying to minimize the impact, they honestly don’t know. Chinese hackers at the sophistication of a major Chinese university have likely covered their tracks, put “bombs” into the hacked computers to permit easy future access, and left no trace short of NSA.

Since the hacks were from “a university,” and not a Chinese government entity, how do we retaliate? Is it actually the Chinese government using “deniably?.” The hacks were done to the Alaskan State Government and the Alaskan Natural Resources, and again raises the question of “Should NSA help states, and private firms.”

North Korea released many Sony embarrassing e-mails and films to try to get a film depicting the Leader trashed, Iran scrambled the accounts of B of A and J. P. Morgan and B. of A. and then melted the accounting in the Sands Casino to teach Sheldon Adelson a lesson for his support of Israel….but those were in the ultra cautious Obama administration.

No one knows the current Trump policy. Trump does not have a good relationship with the intelligence agencies, and has not publicly shown an interest in cyber warfare, so what he knows, and what his policy may be is unknown. We may soon find out…or not.

He may not even understand the subject.