A Free Press Warns You When the Elephant Stirs

Newspapers are not venal,, they simply are liberal. It is an institutional evil caused by those of liberal instincts being drawn to certain professions, and it is a natural proclivity to want to work where you are comfortable among friends who share your values.

Yes, there is a military/police mindset, and the stereotype that homosexuals are drawn to hairdressing is true. Some liberals are those who want to change the world, and they are drawn to professions where they think they can do that through influence.

So media is liberal, and they believe, collectively, that their role is to be a check and balance to power, specifically, government.they are right, of course, they should be a counterforce to governmental power. Eexcept they failed to do their role in the Obama Administration and.remembered that it was their role in the Trump administration.

A liberal media has shown itself to be subtle when a Black, liberal president wields power, but strident when a brash New Yorker is president and reminds them that their role is to expose power. The difference is obvious to a thin skinned man who is unaccustomed to being reviewed for every breath he takes, but that is the role of media, even if it is wielded selectively when “One of their own” is in power.

Of course, Trump gets his share of blame because he pokes the lion, and then seems surprised when the lion reacts. The role of the media is to reveal the excesses of power and those excesses are many in every administration.

Governmental power should be revealed, because it grinds on citizens even when the citizen’s best interest is invoked. Government is an elephant. It can hurt you even when it wants to be friendly.

A free press is designed to warn you even when the elephant stirs.

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