Brennan deserves his Top Secret clearance only because he is a member of The Nomenclature, the elite who rule. It is a sign of “I know things you don’t.”

Now I understand letting him keep the T-S for six months in case the new administrator wants some information but these ex-officio people, scads of them, keep their security. There is staff to provide information for continuity.

No this is simple “Tradition” and it is a useless part of that. It says, I am a member of the Washington Elite, and you are not.

As attacks like 9/11 ably demonstrate, “Intelligence Services” is a misnomer. Yes, they have successes about which they can’t speak, but they miss some whoppers. I would be willing to bet that those retired Intelligence heads never assisted in a damn thing. Their retaining of a bade is simply an “Honor” and one they don’t deserve, particularly those who monetize it by being on TV.

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  1. I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sun-shining day. It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sun-shining day.

    Yes, I’m writing a letter to the White House as follows: Hey, Mr. President, when I served in the Pentagon as a sworn federal officer and bona fide member of the Intelligence Community, I held the highest level security clearance available and I was read into some of the most tightly held special, codeword, compartmented programs/information ever assembled to that time. On the basis of my prior exemplary performance, I have decided that I want all my prior clearances reinstated, and I want the reinstatement to be effective immediately. I expect a response from you within 24 hours, or else. (Just a minute, I need to answer a knock at my front door. Yes, I am he. Who wants to know? Show me your credentials. Secret Service? How did you know I was writing the POTUS? Surveillance? What surveillance? Why? No, No, I don’t want to come down to your office. Wait, Wait. Why are you cuffing me? You can’t do this; I worked for one of John Brennan’s predecessors. Hey, somebodeeeeeeeeeeeee)

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