Monday, Monday…

Question: On what page of the book “1984” can the quote, “Truth isn’t truth” be found?


Last week, John Bolton admitted that North Korea had taken no steps toward denuclearization to no one on the right’s surprise.


The trial of Paul Manafort is about over, and while it may well be true the Special Counselor tried to get a massive sentence to get Manafort to flip on the president, it is unlikely to happen. Apparently the usual sentence for tax evasion is about a year and a half, not the hundreds of years Mueller wants for pressure. There are several obvious hurdles for Mueller: The Jury May well be hung, or they may reach a finding of Guilty but the Judge knows the reason for the charges and give a short sentence. The Judge remarked before the trial began that he knew the reason for the charges.


John Brennan left the field of Intelligence and blundered into the field of politics with his comments, and in doing so he cannot complain when politics bites him. Other retired intelligence officers condemn Brennan’s political remarks even while supporting his retention of his Top Secret clearance. Claims of denials of Free Speech are nonsense, and political because Brennan can talk all he wants, although only a small cadre on the left may listen.


John Bolton, the National.Security Advisor, warned that four nations could try to interfere with the 2018 elections, Iran, North Korea, China, Iran and Russia. Of course each of them will try to interfere at some level, some just as an exercise, some to actually interfere and some something in between. Russia honed their skills in the Ukraine and then found the Democratic National Committee in Washington to be virtually undefended, but they did not try to change vote counts. China does not want to be caught, for purely economic reasons. North Korea and Iran don’t care if their activity is disclose because they have no economics to speak of and are angry. All those countries, and ourselves have serious capabilities but each of us are better at offense than we are in defense. It’s Spy vs Spy, and warfare at a low level. In an apparent announcement designed as a warning against interference in the elections, the Washington Post announced the military had been granted permission to release immediate active cyber weapons upon discovering interference.


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