Microsoft Discovers, Shuts Down Russian Hackers

Microsoft has discovered and shut down five (the AP says six) websites designed by the Russian government to spread dissension during the 2018 political season. While the sites had not been activated, the Microsoft Crimes Division has previously received Court permission to take down spear-phishing accounts put into the Internet to cause political dissection by the APT28 Russian unit, often called “Fancy Bear.”

Just as an aside, several years ago NSA discovered the Chinese hacking unit’s building but didn’t know exactly who was there or what they were doing. Enter a private hacker who remarked that he had taken control of the cameras in the Chinese building, and he showed the NSA live videos of the hackers at work at their computers!

The Dutch took control of the cameras in the Russian Fancy Bear’s building, shared that with the EU and then on to the US. The Dutch had run the videos through face recognition software and identified all the hackers.

With a little help from our friends….and great to know that Microsoft is working on our behalf. Since they found fake domains in 2016, they have taken down 84 websites. Quietly.

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