A Trump Failure, Sadly

The State Department statement on North Korea…”This will take some time.”

Yep. Several hundred years.

Trump was conned! Snookered! Played! And he joins the ranks of presidents who have been conned, snookered, and played.

North Korea has not tested a nuke, or a missile because they simply don’t need to. Their nukes and missiles work. They might improve some things, but they are happy with what they have.

I have had too much experience with NK to trust them to take out the trash, much less to disarm. Until we evacuate Seoul, NK will not take our threats seriously, and indeed we are not serious. South Korea is sanguine just not to have the NK send a million troops into their territory. We will eventually admit that we accept NK as a nuclear power.

It is reality and we must submit to reality. Sadly. Yes, Trump can point to the failure of other presidents, but early in this administration when faced with news that NK was planning to develop an ICBM, Trump said on TV, “It won’t happen!” It did!

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