Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty

A tie goes to the accused!

A charge not proven is “Innocent.”

Since Dr. Ford could not get corroboration from even one of the four other people she said were at the party, could not say where it was, when it was, how she got there, how she got home…even the name Brett Kavanaugh was not mentioned in the Therapist notes when Dr. Ford regained her repressed memory many decades in the past.

I have no doubt that she really believed her repressed memory, and that is how she passed the Lie Detector. Her problem was that no one else she thought were there, say they were there.

Judge Kavanaugh was right, this hit job will someday come back around to strike Democrats when the time comes for them to nominate ANYONE!

We Have Learned Something

The Cosby trial proved one thing: We need to do away with Statute of Limitations for rape! Although Cosby is in jail, he should have been sentenced for each of the 50 women whose cases could be proven.

In the case of Cosby, there is a Black Defense Ream saying Cosby is being attacked for racial reasons, and many Blacks in blogs online agree with the racial charge despite a video of Cosby admitting he gave women Quaaludes in his home. Obviously, at least to me, the Cosby attacks were discovered and the case pursued long before Weinstein’s multiple rapes were revealed, but Weinstein must face charges soon to allay those racial charges.

But Weinstein also will have multiple charges that will not be brought because of the Statute of Limitations, and every one of those should be heard. But they won’t.

The Kavanaugh situation would also benefit from a rejection of the Statute of Limitations. With no time limit, the two challengers could not use the law as the reason they did not file a case yesterday. As it happens, those two women would be laughed out of the Police Station because there is not even a shred of anything to pursue, but it would clear the air for Kavanaugh.

In some cases the elimination would convict, and in others it would clear. I understand the reason for the Statute of Limitations…people lose their memories, locations are demolished, witnesses move away, but all of these can now be mitigated by technology.

Justice can now be better served by doing away with Statute of Limitations.


Kavanaugh may well be the victim of the memories of millions of women who have suffered in silence about their own attacks over the years. Those memories now give Dr. Ford the benefit of the doubt, and they don’t give a damn about “innocent until proven guilty.”

Judge Kavanaugh bears the guilt of ages whether he is guilty or not. The New Yorker appears to mention a second case. The pain I have read in the posts of those who have been raped, and while the Kavanaugh situation did rise to actual rape it is rape in these women’s minds.

Because I spent six years in all male military school, 22 years in an all male Navy, and four years at an all male Naval Academy. I do not understand women, but I do understand men. I told my daughters, “all men are awful, some men are less awful. Find yourself a “less awful.” man.”

I have zero confidence regarding the night almost 40 years ago, either one way or another, but I fear Kavanaugh may pay for 50 million years of men’s treatment of women, even if he is confirmed and must sit on the SCOTUS bench under a cloud.

The future holds nothing better. Not for years, decades. Perhaps centuries.


The Kavanaugh situation spins so quickly that comments on it are outdated before they are read.

What doesn’t quickly change quickly is the concept of accusations from high school days being capable, potentially, of being able to derail an otherwise highly qualified candidate from taking a seat on the Supreme Court.

Certainly a history of inappropriate conduct could do so, but a questionable single incident? And, we should remember that this is an accusation, not a charge…no police report was made nor has been made today! It is simply an accusation, and it is an accusation without any details!

I am debating multiple women, online. Many women are victims of some sexual assaults, but others are simply using the passion of those victims to further an agenda to derail any nominee until a Democratic Senate can stymie any conservative nominee.

The New Witch Hunt

I understand the Democrat’s need to block Kavanaugh, but have they thought this through?

A minor. If we are to examine high school activity, we have excluded 90% of the population from holding public office. That is why juveniles go to Juvenile Court unless a minor commits a murder and many of those are still Juvenile Court.

It is why we seal juvenile records! And it is why, even assuming that Kavanaugh committed the boorish act he is accused of doing, it must never rise to exclusion from SCOTUS, lest no one will ever again be admitted to any federal judgeship.

This accusation is a modern Witch Hunt. If it is allowed to stand, then Republicans will retaliate and Democrat candidates will be examined to see if in high school they put a hand where it was unwanted, or seduced a guy. Many a loose girl in high school turned into a great wife and a socialite and considered running for public office.

Or at least she or he did consider running for public office until last week. I urge my Democratic friends not to engage in this modern day Witch Hunt!

Get Serious!

Since I voted neither for Trump nor Hillary, I feel I get to call balls and strikes on either political party.

DiFi held onto the famous “Anonymous” letter from some girl in Kavanaugh’s high school, 35 years ago. She received the letter back in June or July, and her instincts, probably remembering Senator Joe McCarthy’s anonymous accusations, decided not to make an anonymous letter public.

Unfortunately, others in the Democratic Party heard about the letter and Democrats put pressure on DiFi to release it. She sent it to the FBI, and just as she suspected, the FBI promptly rejected the matter for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that Kavanaugh was 17 years old and it was a case for Juvenile Court if at all.

Mostly it was an attempt at character assassination, and it blew up big time, because it was so laughable and sex crimes are a serious matter. The #METOO movement is serious, and this simply doesn’t measure up to forced oral sex, or rape.

What’s next…that Kavanaugh sent an unwanted Valentine to a girl in Elementary School?

Fool Me Once, Shame on You…

North Korea has exactly the same number of Nukes that they did the day before Singapore (if you don’t count the five they will add to their arsenal this year); and the have exactly the same number of Intercontinental missiles.

Just as his father before him, and his father before him, Kim Jong Un plays for Time while continuing to build his arsenal.

Singapore meant nothing. Trump got conned.

TrumpBots tell us that there have been no new Nuke or missile tests, but there is little need to test once you have them perfected. Now, they just build them, and they have 50 Nukes, with a new five annually. We don’t know how many missiles they have but what we do know is that after Singapore the North Koreans have not even produced a list of Nukes or missiles or their locations, much less destroyed them.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….

Quick Hits

While I oppose us getting more troops into the Middle East, I hope we can put an umbrella over the remaining civilians by declaring a “No fly zone” over that province.

Is there a risk? Certainly, but Russia has shown a reluctance to face American firepower and even if there are air to air challenges it is not likely to expand to a World War. China, similarly, has not challenged our Freedom of the Seas flights and sailings through Chinese illegally claimed waters.


The cost of electricity in California is through the roof! There are electricity bills online of $600, $800 even over $1,000 a month.

Of course we have had a hot Summer, but this is through the roof! (My bills are in the $250 a month range and I have Solar electric!)

The WSJ has a great editorial blaming our high energy bills on the Gov. Jerry Brown insistence on non-fossil fuel, which by its nature is more expensive. The State of Washington is going green also but their bills are 25% lower. The energy bills in California are the subject of constant conversation, and while our costs do not match the problems of facing the hurricane on the East Coast, Californians are sissies!

…be thankful…

Mr. Anonymous has caused quite a storm, leaving unanswered questions about publishing unsourced material for the “Journalist” community, and if it is the place of Staff to thwart the only two elected officials in the White House.

The writer, if he or she is actually high enough in the pecking order to do what they say, should by law let the president do his worst, then invoke the 25th Amendment or let Congress impeach. That, of course holds the danger that it lets the president do something that is irreversibly stupid, which Trump is perfectly capable of doing but I would guess that General Kelly would alert us by resigning.

There are as many theories as there are upper level aides, but I suspect the author…who told us nothing about chaos that every book has not already revealed…will, or certainly should resign.


The Palestinians say they will. NOT bow to the “blackmail” of the US not sending them $350 million, and closing the PLO office in Washington. The Palestinians say that in reaction, they will not come to the negotiating table with Israel.

They have not come to the negotiating table when we treated them well, and sent them money! At least we save $350 million a year!


Democrats are bringing out Obama, since Hillary is trying to take control of the Party, and failing. If the recent Obama speech is any indication, Obama can’t make it, either. The economy, stagnant under Obama, is booming under Trump. Call the White House chaotic if you will, but the economic results are spectacular. Obama wants to claim that he started it, but there is no doubt that, had Obama had a third term, he would not have introduced the economic concepts that have driven us into the economic stratosphere!

Trump is the anti-Obama, for which we should be thankful.

Guts checked. Successful.

The WaPo headlined the Navy/Memphis game as “Guts? Check!” And indeed Navy’s underdog team had to reach deep to come back in the final minutes to upset American Athletic League Western Division favorites, Memphis, 22-21.

Blown out in Hawaii last week by a Run and Gun Hawaii Team anxious to continue after beating Colorado State the first week, Navy faced an even higher rated opponent in Memphis, and down by 12 points in the 4th Quarter, scratched and clawed out a win. Barely.

Yes, guts have been checked. Successful!