California Sues US…FINALLY

California just sued the United States, and on this issue it is about time.

I have lived in this County for 61 years, and for every one of those years our South County beaches have been closed by Tijuana sewage spills. In the past three years the Imperial Beach City beaches have been closed for 150 days!

In the 1990s, the US gave Mexico low interest loans to build a sewage plant, but because Mexico is so poor, it doesn’t properly maintain its sewage plant, and so our beaches are closed.

Mexico is a foreign country, although they treat our border as if we are a single nation. Unfortunately, as we approach them to clean up their sewage, they suddenly become a foreign country again. While San Diego and Tijuana consider themselves a single Metropolis, and just last week the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce met with the Comision Estatal de Servicios Publicos de Tijuana, to try to resolve something short of adding groups to the lawsuit, but the Tijuana group demurred saying they just don’t have the money.

Last year there was a terrible break in the Tijuana sewage plant that sent hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage down the Tijuana River that fouled beaches as far north as Coronado.

It would have been nice to have Trump weigh in on this!

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