Administration pressure is really being applied to two major “frenemies” — Pakistan and Turkey. Because both countries have serious internal economic pressures, they are only a challenge to escape the Western orbit by threatening to enter the Chinese orbit. Because both nations are nominally Muslim one might suspect they would enter the Iranian orbit but Iran probably can’t afford the price.

The US plays Pakistan against our increased association with India, and we have recently stopped a $300 million payment to Pakistan. Having Pompey as our Secretary of State is a real plus because he was head of the CIA and knows the deep background on Pakistan. Pakistan has always held us to pay ransom because we need them to get men and machines into Afghanistan, but we would do well to destroy everything we own in Afghanistan and fly our people out over Pakistan with a fighter escort.

Turkey is another case of blackmail that should be called. If Turkey wants to be a Muslim aligned nation, so be it. They are a nice to have, not a necessity, and their economy is in the pits. I don’t want the US to deliver our sale of F-35 aircraft to a country buying the latest SAM defense from Russia.

Trump has decided to refuse to continue to pay blackmail. Good for him

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