…be thankful…

Mr. Anonymous has caused quite a storm, leaving unanswered questions about publishing unsourced material for the “Journalist” community, and if it is the place of Staff to thwart the only two elected officials in the White House.

The writer, if he or she is actually high enough in the pecking order to do what they say, should by law let the president do his worst, then invoke the 25th Amendment or let Congress impeach. That, of course holds the danger that it lets the president do something that is irreversibly stupid, which Trump is perfectly capable of doing but I would guess that General Kelly would alert us by resigning.

There are as many theories as there are upper level aides, but I suspect the author…who told us nothing about chaos that every book has not already revealed…will, or certainly should resign.


The Palestinians say they will. NOT bow to the “blackmail” of the US not sending them $350 million, and closing the PLO office in Washington. The Palestinians say that in reaction, they will not come to the negotiating table with Israel.

They have not come to the negotiating table when we treated them well, and sent them money! At least we save $350 million a year!


Democrats are bringing out Obama, since Hillary is trying to take control of the Party, and failing. If the recent Obama speech is any indication, Obama can’t make it, either. The economy, stagnant under Obama, is booming under Trump. Call the White House chaotic if you will, but the economic results are spectacular. Obama wants to claim that he started it, but there is no doubt that, had Obama had a third term, he would not have introduced the economic concepts that have driven us into the economic stratosphere!

Trump is the anti-Obama, for which we should be thankful.

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