Quick Hits

While I oppose us getting more troops into the Middle East, I hope we can put an umbrella over the remaining civilians by declaring a “No fly zone” over that province.

Is there a risk? Certainly, but Russia has shown a reluctance to face American firepower and even if there are air to air challenges it is not likely to expand to a World War. China, similarly, has not challenged our Freedom of the Seas flights and sailings through Chinese illegally claimed waters.


The cost of electricity in California is through the roof! There are electricity bills online of $600, $800 even over $1,000 a month.

Of course we have had a hot Summer, but this is through the roof! (My bills are in the $250 a month range and I have Solar electric!)

The WSJ has a great editorial blaming our high energy bills on the Gov. Jerry Brown insistence on non-fossil fuel, which by its nature is more expensive. The State of Washington is going green also but their bills are 25% lower. The energy bills in California are the subject of constant conversation, and while our costs do not match the problems of facing the hurricane on the East Coast, Californians are sissies!