Get Serious!

Since I voted neither for Trump nor Hillary, I feel I get to call balls and strikes on either political party.

DiFi held onto the famous “Anonymous” letter from some girl in Kavanaugh’s high school, 35 years ago. She received the letter back in June or July, and her instincts, probably remembering Senator Joe McCarthy’s anonymous accusations, decided not to make an anonymous letter public.

Unfortunately, others in the Democratic Party heard about the letter and Democrats put pressure on DiFi to release it. She sent it to the FBI, and just as she suspected, the FBI promptly rejected the matter for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that Kavanaugh was 17 years old and it was a case for Juvenile Court if at all.

Mostly it was an attempt at character assassination, and it blew up big time, because it was so laughable and sex crimes are a serious matter. The #METOO movement is serious, and this simply doesn’t measure up to forced oral sex, or rape.

What’s next…that Kavanaugh sent an unwanted Valentine to a girl in Elementary School?

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