The New Witch Hunt

I understand the Democrat’s need to block Kavanaugh, but have they thought this through?

A minor. If we are to examine high school activity, we have excluded 90% of the population from holding public office. That is why juveniles go to Juvenile Court unless a minor commits a murder and many of those are still Juvenile Court.

It is why we seal juvenile records! And it is why, even assuming that Kavanaugh committed the boorish act he is accused of doing, it must never rise to exclusion from SCOTUS, lest no one will ever again be admitted to any federal judgeship.

This accusation is a modern Witch Hunt. If it is allowed to stand, then Republicans will retaliate and Democrat candidates will be examined to see if in high school they put a hand where it was unwanted, or seduced a guy. Many a loose girl in high school turned into a great wife and a socialite and considered running for public office.

Or at least she or he did consider running for public office until last week. I urge my Democratic friends not to engage in this modern day Witch Hunt!

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