Kavanaugh may well be the victim of the memories of millions of women who have suffered in silence about their own attacks over the years. Those memories now give Dr. Ford the benefit of the doubt, and they don’t give a damn about “innocent until proven guilty.”

Judge Kavanaugh bears the guilt of ages whether he is guilty or not. The New Yorker appears to mention a second case. The pain I have read in the posts of those who have been raped, and while the Kavanaugh situation did rise to actual rape it is rape in these women’s minds.

Because I spent six years in all male military school, 22 years in an all male Navy, and four years at an all male Naval Academy. I do not understand women, but I do understand men. I told my daughters, “all men are awful, some men are less awful. Find yourself a “less awful.” man.”

I have zero confidence regarding the night almost 40 years ago, either one way or another, but I fear Kavanaugh may pay for 50 million years of men’s treatment of women, even if he is confirmed and must sit on the SCOTUS bench under a cloud.

The future holds nothing better. Not for years, decades. Perhaps centuries.

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