We Have Learned Something

The Cosby trial proved one thing: We need to do away with Statute of Limitations for rape! Although Cosby is in jail, he should have been sentenced for each of the 50 women whose cases could be proven.

In the case of Cosby, there is a Black Defense Ream saying Cosby is being attacked for racial reasons, and many Blacks in blogs online agree with the racial charge despite a video of Cosby admitting he gave women Quaaludes in his home. Obviously, at least to me, the Cosby attacks were discovered and the case pursued long before Weinstein’s multiple rapes were revealed, but Weinstein must face charges soon to allay those racial charges.

But Weinstein also will have multiple charges that will not be brought because of the Statute of Limitations, and every one of those should be heard. But they won’t.

The Kavanaugh situation would also benefit from a rejection of the Statute of Limitations. With no time limit, the two challengers could not use the law as the reason they did not file a case yesterday. As it happens, those two women would be laughed out of the Police Station because there is not even a shred of anything to pursue, but it would clear the air for Kavanaugh.

In some cases the elimination would convict, and in others it would clear. I understand the reason for the Statute of Limitations…people lose their memories, locations are demolished, witnesses move away, but all of these can now be mitigated by technology.

Justice can now be better served by doing away with Statute of Limitations.

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