Recovering our Lifestyle

The Phoenix area floods look terrible on TV, but mostly because the residents of that fair city are not accustomed to such floods. Of course most of their residents are here in San Diego if license plates are any indication.

Arizona residents, (called “Zonies” locally,) escape their Summer Heat here, just as Canadian’s (called “Snow Birds”) escape their Winters here.

It’s about time for the Zonies to go home, but the floods are terrible, so perhaps things will get off the usual schedule. Here in San Diego we are expecting our first rain in many months…perhaps a quarter inch locally, which folks on the East Coast consider morning dew, but this is a major event for us. Our temperature will drop into the mid 70s in the “rain.”

My Night Blooming Jasmine (which is not a real jasmine at all), is putting its sweet perfume throughout the neighborhood, as it does several times a year. All in all, a delightful time Of year as we regain our restaurants and public events back from the visitors for a few weeks. Our freeways become less crowded with folks who understand our local driving habits.

Ahhhh….our residents recover Sea World, the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park and the beaches.

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