Game Changer

The Democrat leadership, cynically, used a legitimate sex abuse problem to try to block a conservative member of the most powerful court in the world. Dr. Ford wanted anonymity and some Democrat somewhere decided not to grant that.

The Democratic Leadership jumped on the situation to try to stop a yuuugh nominee to SCOTUS, an individual who will solidify a conservative vote. Schumer would have led a fight against Jesus Christ to stop a generation of conservative decisions!

Republicans have not, prior to Garland, played this game, but after what happened to Robert Bork and Justice Thomas, Republicans decided that hardball could be played even by smarter sides of the isle which in the past had relied on brains rather than brawn.

The angry reactions by Lindsey Graham, and Kavanaugh himself show that Republicans have grown a pair. The Left, which has shown no judicial impartiality (think Ruth Bader Ginsberg), demands Kavanaugh impartiality, but Republicans have learned to play the game.

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