Winning a Close One

In a previous post, I noted that Republicans have learned to play the game, but actually they were playing different games—the Republicans were playing Cricket and the Democrats were playing Rugby. Republicans are new at Rugby, while the Democrats are tough and experienced.

Being new at Rugby, Republicans are still wearing Whites and avoiding a scrum, but at least they have a new Captain, Senator Lindsey Graham. He is a most unlikely Captain, but his explosion during the Hearings demonstrated that the protestors were not the only ones with passion…excluding Judge Kavanaugh of course.

The new Rugby team Manager, Senator Mitch McConnell, has his new team hitting above their weight right now, but the experience of the opposition is formidable. It is getting tougher and today the “R” team is expected to barely win. But it is a big win, a huge one.

The “D” team is already crying ”FOUL.” They are not accustomed to getting beaten by guys like Graham, and McConnell, and are looking for some new members in November.

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