Remember the Warren Court?

I am old enough to remember the last overtly liberal Court, the Warren Court.

If there ever was a Justice who didn’t deserve to occupy a hallowed seat on the Supreme Court, it was Chief Justice Earl Warren who promoted and executed the internment of Japanese citizens of the US!

I also recall billboards across this land calling for the impeachment of Earl Warren, which of course never happened just as impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh will never happen. Absent something like lying to a Federal Court like Bill Clinton, impeachment threats are used to generate donations by private organizations.

I was one of those young conservatives who railed against the Warren Court and its liberal overzealous (my opinion) decisions, but FDR knew what he was getting with Earl Warren, the Governor Of California prior to his appointment, and he rode that horse hard as did his liberal successors. The frustration we conservatives felt for many years, liberals will feel now. Nothing is forever.

I don’t really expect a real effort to impeach Kavanaugh. If you can’t impeach the man who designed and executed the internment of thousands of American citizens, and the permanent seizure of all their possessions, who can you impeach?

The Court is not yet a full Conservative Court, but one more appointment will make it so. Liberals are lining up to escort Justice Ginsburg across the street.

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