A Strange Request

Like most of you, I get a ton of charity requests, and I check them out on Charity Navigator. Today, I got a strange request, asking that I give a goat to a family overseas. I like the idea, and probably will, but the flyer gave me the opportunity to give a heifer, a goat or a school of fish…even bees.

Smart. Having been involved in founding, or managing more than a handful of charitable organizations, I know that even people who won’t donate to a charity, WILL donate if you can identify where their money will go. They will buy a computer, or a desk for an organization.

Charity Navigator gives heifer.org three stars out of four, not terrific but acceptable. You can give a goat or a sheep or a pig for $120, or you can give shares for $10 apiece. You can give a trio of rabbits for $60, or a flock of chickens for $20.

For larger gifts, there is a pair of breeding cattle for $1,000, send a girl to school for $275, a village changing kit for $7,500 or offer a woman serious money making skills for $25,000. You can give honey bees, alpaca, village stoves, clean water…

I like it. You may also. heifer.com

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