Sorry, You Are a Mob

Whether you call a group of people with insensate rage a protest or a mob is in the eyes of the beholder. We have nothing to measure intensity, but if the object of the rage feels fear, then it has no place in American politics.

I don’t think Sarah Sanders felt fear when she left the Virginia restaurant, but Mrs. Ted Cruz may well have and certainly the drivers in Portland did when attacked by Antifa. A liberal friend in Portland assures me that the Antifa activity is not so bad, but then there is video. My lying eyes tell me that Antifa found a home in Portland.

Any activity that requires you to cover your face is problematic. I suspect that cameras can include software to identify people just by their eyes and forehead, and if the algorithms don’t exist, they soon will. It is highly likely that the Portland police know the identity of every Antifa member to a certainty.

Antifa is a Mob, regardless of how a Mob is defined. A group of women beating on the doors of the Supreme Court may not engender fear, but they are a Mob because of their intensity. The various Women Marches were not a Mob because they threatened no one and had little intensity, therefore those were protests.

The Left does not like the term “Mob,” thinking themselves above that, but in many cases they are a Mob.

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