A Very British Report

A report on the British House of Commons is that it’s members are indeed common, or as the WaPo calls that British lower chamber ambience, a “frat-house-from-hell atmosphere,”

(I can’t speak from recent experience, but in the days of Senator Stromboli’s Thurmond, that atmosphere permeated the US Congress as well. I witnessed it first hand.)

The British, ever the ones to turn a phrase, refer to the Members of the House as being “handsy” with the female staff, of bullying, and making inappropriate and unwanted propositions.

Bingo! Our Congress as well, as demonstrated by the use of taxpayer funds to settle lawsuits, and not telling the taxpayers for whom the suits were settled! That is outrageous, and hopefully someone, likely Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information request!

But back to the British House of Commons, the report, issued by “Dame Laura Cox, a retired High Court judge, uncovered a culture ‘cascading from the top down, of deference, subservience, acquiescence and silence,”’ so reports WaPo.

Dame Laura Cox would have a lifetime sinecure, were she to look at American politics.

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