#1 Best Seller on NYT List

Tucker Carlson’s book, A Ship Of Fools, is #1on the New Your Times Best and Seller List, and deserves the ranking. I bought the audible.com audio book with Tucker doing his own narration, and found, again, that the problem with audio books is the inability to underline and annotate. Nevertheless, I do recall one phrase that stuck in my mind…talking about the fact that liberals, even liberal Blacks, live in almost exclusively White neighborhoods (even Maxine Walters), Tucker calls a neighborhood, “White enough to burn your retinas.”

As a writer, I love a well-turned phrase.

It is a great book, and I enjoy it immensely, enjoy because I take it in 30 minute intervals interspersed with Kindle book reading. It is wonderful to have an enjoyable relief from NFL football, and TV in general.

Buy Tucker’s book, in whatever form you find most enjoyable. It must have galled the NYTimes to make Tucker’s book #1, but they have been criticized over the years for ignoring other Conservatives, so perhaps they are atoning for past sins.

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