It is Theatre

President Trump must get his Big Boy pants on, because the Central American Caravan has grown to 5,000 and no one seems capable of turning them around.

Mexico put up a show of force to see if the Caravan could be intimidated, but Mexico made no real effort. Mexico has 275,000 Army troops, 110,000 Reservists, and additional Marines. That would seem to be sufficient to turn that Caravan around and send it back to Central America.

If Mexico wanted to. They don’t. They don’t want to be seen as doing the bidding of the United States. They remember losing a war to the US and it was humiliating to have General Scott in Mexico City dictating terms, and they hate the Treaty of Hidalgo that “sold” the West and particularly California to the United States. Mexico officially hates us, but their people don’t hate us because they keep coming North.

No, this is mostly theatre. The poverty, crime, gangs, and threats to families is real enough, and the Caravan members know that they are unlikely to get legal status, but the hope to get into the US and disappear among the population. They know we have 22 million illegal aliens here already, and they figure a few more won’t be noticed.

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