Please get your flu shot!

Last year I didn’t get one for the first time in years, and bigger than hell I ended up in the hospital, wearing adult diapers and curled into a fetal position for five days! In those five days, I ate six spoonfuls of food. The flu killed 80,000 people last year.

That is a whole bunch, and is particularly dangerous for the elderly. My gardener gave me the flu, and because of his youth he missed a couple of days of work.

The Doctor asked if I had taken a flu shot, and I shook my head “no.”

The Doctor said, “Next year I want you at the head of the shot line.”

I was!

“Rush The Border”

Years ago, and for many years, crowds of illegal aliens would mass in Tijuana and rush the Border entry points into San Diego. A few always escaped the Border Patrol using rubber bullets and tear gas, but what does the Border Patrol do with 7,000 rushing the Border?

I don’t know, either. I don’t know that is what they plan, but that is what I would do!

The first 1,000 or so would occupy the Border Patrol while the next 6,000 escaped into the nation’s nearest community, San Ysidro. The first 1,000 could even be the ones most eligible for asylum, and they would fully occupy the Border Patrol with just paperwork.

The Border Patrol would bring in extra people, but how many? The National Guard cannot arrest, and neither can Federal troops, so only the Border Patrol can arrest the gate crashes.

Ideally, Mexico would turn the Caravan around, but there doesn’t appear to be much hope of that.