The Brakes Have Been Applied

As more members of the Caravan arrive, 800 so far according to local TV stations, violence has broken out between local Tijuana residents and members of the Caravan. One Tijuana Policeman was stabbed, the Tijuana residents threw bottles and the Caravan threw rocks.

San Diego and Tijuana think of themselves a single Metropolis, with as much cooperation as is possible. There is even a special entry to the Tijuana airport on the San Diego side. If the president actually closes the border the pressure on Tijuana will be intense in just one day.

Looking at videos of the initial members of the Caravan, it is obvious that the members are mostly teenagers. Crowded teenagers, tired, angry and hungry is a formula for unrest.

Our government has no incentive to assist in this looming disaster, and volunteer groups will soon tire of feeding and housing the unruly horde. The Mexican government has the same sort of Field Hospitals, Field Kitchens and huge housing tents that we have, although certainly not in the same quantity. Mexico would do well to get their troops in Tijuana, and quickly.

This mess is going to turn out badly for Mexico, and the worse it gets, the greater the pressure on Caravans not to even begin. Caravans didn’t begin just this year, they have been going on for more than a decade.

The brakes have been applied.


The Press loses

The fight between the president and the press over yanking a Press Pass awaits a judicial decision, but whatever the decision, the president will win.

The president, and the White House Spokeswoman need only ignore the press. If there is a White House Judicial loss, there is no law saying a president must address a question with an answer. In fact there is nothing to say there must be a press room, and certainly not even a press room in the White House.

If the White House simply ignores all questions until CNN assigns someone other than Jim Acosta, the president wins the argument.

This is a fight between two unpopular entities, but the press is the most despised. Even if they win, they lose.

The Caravan Arrives

Busses started arriving yesterday in Tijuana from the “Caravan” and the military is hardening the Border to make certain that the possible “Rush the Border” is contained. Several lanes of the 20 plus lanes were closed today to do some work, and it backed up traffic from Mexico for miles!

If Trump decides to close the Border it will have a huge economic problem for the tens of thousands of San Diego workers who take advantage of the much lower living costs in Tijuana. It is not just Mexican nationals with Green Cards, but American citizens who live in Tijuana.

The incoming Caravan participants are several weeks ahead of the poor walkers who can’t afford the luxurious busses arriving now, and it gets them a several week head start in the administration lines. Even for those arriving now, they have a four to six week wait before their processing begins.

Many in the Caravan are facing not just months of shelters already full, but the Tijuana residents are justifiably concerned about a potential increase in crime from bored teenagers running short on money.

We have local photos on the TV of youth scaling the ancient metal walls and sitting atop while Border Patrol horsemen and ATV riders waited in case any of the wall climbers came over. It is highly unlikely those wall climbers came from the bus passengers. There are thousands of Mexican residents who have been previously deported and look for any opportunity to return.

This is just the most recent Caravan, and one arriving piecemeal but running up against a new kind of president, one who will finally push back instead of accommodating. Accommodating has brought us 22 million illegal aliens, just since 1986, when anyone in the US who wanted US citizenship, got it. I personally hand-held two workers through the Immigration lines in Escondido.

There were fewer than four million illegals who applied for and were granted citizenship.

Finally, someone read the law! There is still an Amnesty loophole, which permits obvious potential workers to clog the legal system up completely, denying true Amnesty applicants their day in Court for months.

The Left Is Also Vulnerable

The assault on Tucker Carlson’s home by ANTIFA was monstrous.

It would also be illegal in most communities, and the police in Washington, D.C. are indeed looking into it. Perhaps Portland and Seattle police are looking into events in their communities, but in the case of Tucker Carlson at least the Washington Post has both reported the event and published columns condemning the idiocy. I know, because I subscribe just to keep an eye on the left.

Civility is being lost, event by event. There is a qualitative difference between shouting a party out of a restaurant, unmasked and in full view of others, and trying to invade a private home while facially masked. More than just a qualitative difference, but a criminal difference. It is domestic terrorism!

There is a vast difference once family members are involved, and I have some experience with that. About five years after my column was being published, some idiot tried to torch my home, three times, succeeding only in turning a beautiful Torrey Pine into a torch. I was livid because my family was home, so when the arsonist did a drive by taunt he became Ground Zero for a brief but very intense encounter.

The ANTIFA cowards threatened Carlson’s wife. Way over the line, and Carlson would do well to parallel the police investigation with a private one of his own, just to keep the D.C. police honest. One idiot outed himself by writing a column in “ThinkProgress” to defend their act, because even the temperate Left knows that, although the Right has remained civil, the Left is also vulnerable.

Great Work!

A Facebook group called “Cowboy911” has 20 trucks and horse trailers headed to each of the major California fires, loaded with hay, horse blankets and willing workers!

They are organized to help farmers and ranchers in need of immediate assistance.

Just thought I would give them a shoutout for doing GREAT WORK! There are many horses let loose to save themselves from fast moving fires when there are only seconds to spare, and they need to be rounded up and returned to their owners.

I Am A Nationalist

The shift in the House is basically immaterial because they didn’t do much anyway. Anyway, trading the House for a solid Supreme Court seems like a really good deal in the long run.

It appears that my local CongressCritter, Duncan Hunter, won his seat without my vote, although he is likely to spend years in jail. He is facing indictments for stealing from his constituents funded Campaign Fund to the tune of $250,000. My fellow voters apparently thought they would at least get a Republican in a Special Election. That is likely as a plan, but it was just one bridge too far for me.

I really hated what he, an Afghanistan Marine Vet. Became. He disgraced his uniform.

The San Diego City Council is now 6-4 Democratic, so that tells you that California is lost, but it is still warm. 74, 75, 74, 75,74….as far has the eye can see, but politically this state has moved further left. A look at the political map shows that, exactly like the rest of the country, the urban centers are Democratic and the suburban and rural areas are Republican. Until the Republican Party addresses this problem it faces a problem.

One message of the election is that, as my son so succinctly put it, the Libertarian Party won the election because nothing will get done. A Libertarian wet dream!

I rise to a point of Personal Privilege…I am a Nationalist! By definition, anyone who serves in the military is, by definition, a Nationalist, or they should not serve. I was really embarrassed when I had to fight under the UN flag in Korea because I didn’t sign up at age 17 to represent the UN.

If you swear allegiance to the US Constitution, you are, by definition, a Nationalist!


The Caravan, or more properly the Caravans because there are several, is splitting up and it has lost its control. This is not unusual, and we have many years of examples. This series of Caravans is following the known pattern of breaking up as those who hitch rides hopscotch the walkers, and some have taken the offers from Mexico, rather than subject themselves to weeks more.

If experience holds, something like 1,000 will actually arrive at our Border, and while that is still a lot, it is manageable. It is not an invasion, but no doubt the stationing of troops will act as a deterrent for some. We will never know if the troops did any good, but certainly they do no harm and it sends messages to future Caravans.

There will be future Caravans. In the past, the US would send troops for stabilization, but today we can’t even get the support of the Central and South American governments to send troops to the failed state of Venezuela. That means we can’t pacify the gangs that cause the Caravans.

It would be easier to stop the problem at the source, and it would be better for the surrounding nations to ask for military help from us, but they remember the old days of Imperialism.

We must face a Caravan, not unlike the European problem. I both cases, it alters the culture of nations but it is inexorable.